The Tape-Team special tapes section include, for example metal tapes, all kinds of marking tapes, high temperature resistant Kapton or polyester tapes, anti-slip tapes, luminescent products and much more. We will also develop tailor-made products that are suited exactly for your needs / applications. Send us your inquiry today.

Our standard products*

Article Description Width [mm] Colors
  74000 Floor Marking Tape 50 black, white, red, yellow, green
  78100 Warning Tape PVC 50 black-yellow, white-red
  78200 PVC Luminescent Tape 25 white (greenish glow)
  78500 Barrier Tape 75 white-red
  93001 Anti-Slip Tape 50 black-yellow
  99000 Dual-Velcro, tearable by hand
20 black, orange, green, purple

Our standard range includes products which are permanently on stock and available in usual amounts at short notice.
Our complete program includes more than 200 various tapes which are aligned to a variety of applications.