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Quality Management

By planning, specification and implementation of an appropriate and reasonable quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001, we ensure that those for the performance of our quality policy necessary processes, tasks, responsibilities, powers and resources required are transparent and comprehensible internally and externally. Our certified quality management system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ensures that:

  • our ustomer requirements are always optimally met
  • legal and regulatory requirements are respected
  • faults and defects are avoided in an optimal way
  • however accuring errors and defects are detected and eliminated as soon as possible
  • die repetition of mistakes and shortcomings is permanently prevented.

In-House Testing

Tapes are produced worldwide, according to several standards, specifications and test methods. As a responsible partner Tape Team generates uniform, comparable data and factual basis for all tapes in our portfolio. Therefore, the - sagnificant - investment for your own lab equipment and own tests. With our own tensile strenght machine we perform tests exactly as prescribed (eg. As Afera 5001, 5004 to 5006 or IEC 454-2) for adhesion and tensile strength / elongation. For example we test the adhesion to various surfaces, eg. stainless steel, glass, plastic with standardized and well-defined application processes before the test. In addition, we have thickness gauges, digital calipers and a microscope. The test equipment is used for both incoming goods inspection as well as for regular product audits.