This section includes tapes for (partial) masking of surfaces. Masking tape (also known as “painters tape”). These tapes provide residue-free removal after painting, sandblasting and pickling, do not allow the infiltration of paints and ensure clean, sharp edges. Masking tapes have to withstand oven temperatures, as well as paints, solvents or abrasives. Our range includes various types of masking tape. From normal, high-quality masking tape for painting work up to special tapes with a temperature resistance of 160 °C. Our tapes are excellent in handling (unwinding and tearability), leave no residues and can be removed without damaging the substrate.

Our standard products*

Article Description Width [mm] Colors
  32100 JaBand Masking Tape 140°C 36; 48; 72 chamois
  32400 JaBand Masking Tape 110°C 36; 48 brown
  34000 JaBand Masking Tape 100°C 25; 36; 48; 72 chamois
  36200 Masking Tape UV-resistant 48 blue
  37000 Masking Tape 60°C 15; 19; 25; 30; 38; 50; 100 chamois
  71420 PVC Fineline tape 1.050 orange, green

Our standard range includes products which are permanently on stock and available in usual amounts at short notice.
Our complete program includes more than 200 various tapes which are aligned to a variety of applications.