Closing and packing of cartons or packages is the task of these Tape-Team products. Each of our packing tapes provides high tensile strength, good and fast adhesion to paper and cardboard, partly on wood. Our kraft paper tape is outstanding in terms of tensile strength and is suitable for very heavy packages.

The security packing tape plays a special role: It is a packaging tape with invisible integrated warning. If the strap is opened or an attempt to leave it on the ground a reference to its opening. The Tape-Team provides these tapes in many different colors and optional individual warning and company logo.

Also in our portfolio: filament tapes and strapping. These bands are specialized in the grouping of pipes, tubes or cables and are characterized by extremely high tensile strength (especially, as a fiber-reinforced fabric tape) and by good adhesion / shear strength of the adhesive on the tape backside - a crucial criterion for tapes which are stuck on themselves. Specific tensile strength is achieved by the introduction of glass fibers. Cross filament tapes from Tape-Team are an excellent choice when maximum tear resistance is required. Also relevant: They are removable without residue from a variety of surfaces.

In addition, several PP and PVC packing tapes are in the standard range the program. On request, many packaging tapes are also available with customized printing.

Our standard products*

Article Description Width [mm] Colors
  14005 PP Packaging Tape, low noise 50 brown, transparent
  15000 PP Low Noise Tape, 32 μm 50 brown, transparent
  20000 PVC Packaging Tape, 35 µm 50 brown, transparent
  20914 PVC Packaging Tape, printed 50 white, transparent, red,..
  35100 Kraft Paper Tape 50 brown
  40000 PP Mono-Filament Tape 25; 50 transparent
  42300 PET Filament Tape 24; 48 black
  44000 PP Strapping Tape 19 white

Our standard range includes products which are permanently on stock and available in usual amounts at short notice.
Our complete program includes more than 200 various tapes which are aligned to a variety of applications.