This includes e.g. tapes for the partial masking of surfaces. Masking tape (painters tape, masking tape or crepe tape). As masking tapes during painting or during sandblasting and pickling processes, they do not only have to provide residue-free removal but also do not allow the infiltration of paints and ensure clean, sharp edges tape. Masking tapes must withstand oven temperatures, as well as raw materials for paints, solvents or abrasive. Ideal for sandblasting: our tapes 58100 and the Nichiban 54000.

Other applications with these Tape-Team products are to cover holes, slots or other surfaces temporary or permanent. Temporary covering is usually for partial protection of surfaces, for example during paintjobs. Very useful for this purpose we have rice paper tapes (also known as Washitapes) stable up to a temperature of 120°C. Also for temporary use we recommend high or low crepe tapes or our exclusive "JaBand" branded tapes. Important quality feature of JaBand masking tapes: They are removable without residues, with good adhesive strength and dimensional stability. Another special product: the 54000 for the sandblasting masking, a product of Nichiban which is also exclusively offered by us. Permanent adhesive Tape-Team products are characterized by their high adhesive strength and good durability: They are resistant to yellowing, discoloration or warping.