The main task of sealing tapes is - as the name suggests - the sealing of various surfaces. We differentiate our portfolio in three different types of sealing tapes.

The first group contains aluminum or aluminum-coated adhesive tapes which are suitable for bonding at high humidity and very low and high temperatures. A typical application is for example the sealing of ventilation and air ducts.

The second group consists of different types of foam tapes, which usually consist of an open-cell or closed-cell PU or PE foam with scrim carrier. Our foam tapes are resistant to water and water-vapor, UV and aging. They are highly compressible, conformable and offer good temperature resistance.

The third group is our butyl range. These tapes, which are permanently adhesive and conformable, can be processed immediately and serve for decades. Some of our butyl tapes are not only weather but also chemical resistant. You can use these tapes for jointing, seam or crack coverage, and also in building and construction.

Our standard products*

Article Description Width [mm] Colors
  80000 PU Foam Tape 9 × 3 mm (thickness); 19 × 6 mm white
  86200 Butyl Sealing Tape, round ø 5; ø 8 grey, black
  86300 Butyl Tape 10; 15 grey, black
  88610 Insulating-Rubber Plyseal 38; 95 black
  94700 EPR-Rubber tape
38; 50 black
  96100 Aluminum Tape 50; 75 silver

Our standard range includes products which are permanently on stock and available in usual amounts at short notice.
Our complete program includes more than 200 various tapes which are aligned to a variety of applications.