The permanent sealing of gaps or cases by using sealant or adhesive foam (foam tape) is one of many areas of Tape-Team's sealing tapes. Another application is the connection of ventilation pipes (therefore you e.g. use aluminum or aluminized tapes). Each Team-Tape sealing tape and all other sealing produtcs boast through very good conformability and flexibility, they are also in specifications for permanent resistance to a variety of media available (corrosive liquids and / or gases). We provide them as foam tapes, butyl tapes, die-cut parts and tapes for ventilation ducts.

Foam tapes are used for thermal and acoustic insulationA variety of thicknesses and diverse qualities of foam and adhesives are available, either as single sided or double sided tapes. Tape-Team products for bonding insulation materials are always characterized by a high adhesive strength, which is given over wide temperature and humidity ranges.

In addition, Tape-Team offers moisture resistant adhesive tapes for bonding vapor barriers. These films are used in loft extensions and are not sure to bond with conventional adhesive tapes.