Exclusive products and tape competence are typical for the Tape-Team. We are known for an extraordinarily wide range of fabric tapes. "Cloth tape, matte, colored, water-proof, UV-resistant". Seek and you will find the Tape in Tape-Team.

This also applies to all versions of the "Duct Tapes", an extremely versatile universal fabric bands. These tapes are also traded under the terms "Gaffa/Gaffer Tape" or "Army Band". Unusual variants as neon fabric tape or patented luminescent fabric tape variants show once again that the members of Tape-Team are the fabric tape experts.

Our standard products**

Article Description Width [mm] Colors
  54100 Cloth Tape Premium 19; 38; 50; 75; 100 black, white, silver, red, blue, yellow, green, brown, beige
  54120 Cloth Tape matte 50 black, white, silver, red
  55700 Cloth Tape standard 38; 50; 75 18 colors
  55711 Fluorescent Cloth Tape 50 yellow, orange, pink, green
  57300 Duct Tape 48 black, silver
  57500 Duct Tape Medium 48 black, silver
  58000 Cloth Tape UV-resitant 50 black
  58100 Cloth Tape 2x UV-resitant 50 white


* complies to German Bundeswehr specification TL 7510-0023-2F

** Our standard range includes products which are permanently on stock and available in usual amounts at short notice.
Our complete program includes more than 200 various tapes which are aligned to a variety of applications.