Most of our materials can be die-cut in standard or customized shapes.

All shapes and colors of stampings made of fabric tape, acrylic foam tape, as well as masking tapes or foils and even butyl and PE foam are in our range. Another highlight is our patented 3T carrying aid, which can be used for easy transport of heavy and bulky furniture and / or household electrical appliances. We are happy to customize die-cut parts for your specific application. For your inquiry please contact us at any time.

Our standard products*

Article Description Dimensions Colors
  STA 30 Cloth Tape Die-Cut Circle ø 30 mm silver
  STA 51 Carry-Handle "3T" 200 mm × 300 mm white
  STA 506 Cloth Tape Die-Cut Square 30 mm × 30 mm silver

Our standard range includes products which are permanently on stock and available in usual amounts at short notice.
Our complete program includes more than 200 various tapes which are aligned to a variety of applications.