Closing and packing of cartons or packages is the major function of this Tape-Team products. Each packing tape from the Tape-Team provides high tensile strength, good and fast adhesion to paper and cardboard, partially also on wood. Tape-Team kraftpaper-tapes achieves top values in terms of tensile strength and are suitable for very heavy packages. A special role is played by the security packing tape (also known as security tape): It's a packaging tape with invisible integrated warning. If this tape is opened or an attempt to its opening is undertaken this can be easily seen due to its non removable signs on the ground. Tape Team provides these tapes in many different colors with optional individual warning and company logo. In addition, a dozen varieties of PP packing tape and numerous PVC packing tapes in the standard range round up the program. On request, many packaging tapes are also available with individual printings.

Other packaging tapes are also used for securing cargo (barrels, boxes, crates, empties), on pallets or other transport platforms. They are extremely durable and have a very good adhesion / shear resistance on the back of itself, because these tapes are usually bonded to themselves. Further requirements include good cutting properties and the absence of adhesive residue on the surface after tearing off.